Gender Play in Fanfiction

While taking this survey, please do not try to use the back button. It might invalidate your answers.
For the purposes of this survey, g!p or girl!penis fics are those where the character is female, has a penis, and it is not explained as being due to the character being transgender or intersex. Similarly, mpreg or male pregnancy fics are those where the character is male, but is able to become impregnated, usually through anal sex. A fic must explicitly state that a character is trans/intersex/otherwise outside the binary in the tags or the story itself to be considered as such. Omegaverse and alpha/beta/omega dynamics fics are those that feature alphas who have penises and omegas who are able to get pregnant regardless of gender. They may or may not include knotting, bite-marking, heats, and compulsory mating. Finally, 'fics featuring gender play' will encompass ALL fics where the characters are cis-women and men.